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An important tool in the fight against tooth decay and gum disease.

Toothpicks are used to remove particles from between the teeth without causing pain or damage.
 We here at Koeisha & Co., LTD. can help you maintain your dental hygiene through our range of in house developed and manufactured dental picks.

We offer a western style triangular pick which removes plaque while massaging the gums.

Toothpick Pictorial Book

Our history

"Dental pick"

Dental pick

Dental Picks are triangular toothpicks developed with the spaces between teeth in mind. The picks shape is an isosceles triangle; its two sides will clean the teeth and its base will massage the gums.

" Doctor pick"

Our in house triangular design aimed towards the Japanese and Asian markets.

Doctor pick

Dental picks that are connected, like those commonly found in Europe and America are unfamiliar to Japanese consumers. So we developed a more familiar type of triangular pick.

Dental products for maintaining bright smiles and fighting halitosis.

Dental peeling sponge

Helping you maintain a bright white smile.

Our sponges, made from micron-pressed melamine foam, remove tough stains from the surface of teeth.


Tongue cleaners

Fighting halitosis in comfort.

Our tongue cleaners have been developed in order to safely remove the buildup of fur along the tongue, which is the main cause of halitosis (bad breath).


Backfit toothbrushes®

Cleaning those hard to reach places.

Backfit toothbrush remove the built-up plaque of the back of the each molar tooth.